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Last year around this time we had the great honour to do the transport from door USA back to door the Netherlands of the bells from The Netherlands Carillon to be restored and tuned.

The Netherlands Carillon is a unique monument is Arlington, VA. that looks over Washington, D.C. The people of the Netherlands gave the instrument to the people in the United States for their help during and after World War II. To increase the musical capacity of the instrument three new bells are being casted, raising the number of bells in the carillon to 53. The birth of the new bells is one of the highlights to celebrate 75 years of freedom.

The new bells are dedicated to three influential Americans who had a great legacy and impact on the world: 

George C. Marshal, Martin Luther King Jr. and Eleanor Roosevelt.

The largest bell has a diameter of nearly 1.75 m and weighs approx 3445 kgs.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation the return of the bells to the USA unfortunately has been delayed but it's great to look back to shipping this important piece of history.


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